Padma Charan Behera and Posa Mahesh Kumar Dalbergia Sisso Roxb. (Indian RoseWood)

Dalbergia Sisso Roxb. (Indian RoseWood)

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The nature has provided a complete storehouse of Remedies to cure all ailments of Mankind. Since the dawn of civilization, in addition to Food crops, Man cultivated herbs for his Medicinal needs. In the Past, almost all the medicine used were from plants. The plants being Man’s only chemist for ages. Today the whole world takes attention to the natural medicine to explore its chemical constituents and for establishing its folklore use. One such plant is Dalbergia sisso (Family Fabaceae), which has been used in folklore medicine in the relief of pain cure eye diseases, diuretic and in the treatment of gonorrhoea. While going through literature, much less attention has been given to the leaves of Dalbergia sisso. Its Folklore use as anti-inflammatory has not been established, so it was planned to study the leaves of this plant systematically with regard to its phytoconstituents and biological activities.

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Фармакотерапия в детской гастроэнтерологии

Борис Кузник, Владимир Хавинсон, Вячеслав Морозов, Иосиф Пинелис, Юрий Витковский, Владимир Сизоненко, Николай Сулим, Ахмед Варфоломеев, Рашид Абдулаев

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