Nitin Jogad,Sanjay Patil and Vandana Gade Endodontic Sealers

Endodontic Sealers

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The golden rule in the practice of Endodontology is to debride and complete the obturation as efficiently and three dimensionally as possible and is considered to be an important part of root canal treatment.The purpose of sealing root canals is to prevent re-entry and colonization of bacteria and to prevent residual bacteria from reaching the periapical tissues.The sealer has a primary role in sealing the canal by obliterating the irregularities between the canal wall and the core material.The concept of apical seal has lead to development of variety of sealer that were stable, non-irritating and provided a perfect seal at the apical foramen. Endodontic sealer evolved from Zinc oxide eugeonal sealer to latest Bioceramic sealer. Such large number of sealer lead to confusion in clinician mind. This book will give a brief introduction to the clinician with the physical, biological properties & function of sealers, before selecting.

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