Richard Schaffer, Beverley Earle, Filiberto Agusti International Business Law and Its Environment

International Business Law and Its Environment

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"International Business Law and Its Environment" is intended for use in such courses as International Business Law, International Business Transactions, or the Law of International Trade and Investment. Our thematic approach is patterned after the basic market-entry strategies of most firms as they expand into international markets: trade in goods and services, the protection and licensing of intellectual property rights, and foreign direct investment. Through the study of law, we attempt to provide a fairly comprehensive treatment of each of these market-entry methods - and their variations and combinations - as they fit into the overall strategy of a particular firm. We begin our discussion with trade, which involves the least penetration into the international market, and progress to foreign direct investment, which immerses the firm completely in the social, cultural, and legal systems of its host country. This progression also patterns the life cycle of many firms as they mature and as they move more aggressively into new international markets.

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