Gregory  Georges 50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques with Photoshop Elements 3

50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques with Photoshop Elements 3

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Book Description* This update features fifty fast and impressive digital photo techniques-eighty percent of which are new since the previous edition
* The CD-ROM includes a bonus e-book of the entire first edition-giving readers two books for the price of one
* Developed by professional photographer and eDigital Photo contributing writer Gregory Georges, the techniques are valuable to both pros and hobbyists alike
* Uses the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements in the examples,but the techniques are readily adaptable to most image-editing programs
* Includes techniques for traditional photo effects, combining photos, artistic effects, animations, digital photo blends, and much more
* Step-by-step details, in-depth instructions, and plenty of illustrations-including a full color insert-make it easy for people to apply the techniques to their own photos

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