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The Rough Guide "Germany" is the ultimate travel guide to this dynamic country. It is now in full colour throughout, dozens of photos illustrate Germany's stylish cities, beautiful landscapes, meandering rivers and picture-perfect castles. Detailed accounts of every attraction provide all the information you need to explore the country's exceptional museums, iconic architecture, and its many rural escapes, from the soaring Bavarian Alps and dense woodlands of the Black Forest to the beautiful beaches and islands of the North Sea or the idyllic Rhineland vineyards where you can sample some of the country's many world-class wines. The guide's bevy of practical advice ensures that, no matter what your budget, you'll find the perfect boutique hotel, convivial hostel, authentic cellar restaurant, stylish gourmet haunt, design-conscious shop, cutting-edge arts venue or hip bar and club, all marked on the book's many colour maps. The Rough Guide "Germany" includes well-researched historical and cultural background to help you understand and appreciate this complex country and, above all, make the most of your holiday.

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