Practice Issues in HIV/AIDS Services: Empowerment-Based Models and Program Applications

Practice Issues in HIV/AIDS Services: Empowerment-Based Models and Program Applications

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Book DescriptionImprove quality of life for patients with HIV/AIDS!

Practice Issues in HIV/AIDS Services: Empowerment-Based Models and Program Applications provides a sound framework of intervention practices for case managers and care coordinators to help HIV/AIDS patients live longer and healthier lives. This book focuses on client-based care that addresses the social and psychological needs of the patient as well as his or her physical and medical requirements. Filled with concrete information and recommendations from practitioners and researchers, this instructive text will help increase the effectiveness of your role in the client’s treatment.

Practice Issues in HIV/AIDS Services leads the reader from a conceptual framework of approaches related to the ongoing HIV/AIDS crises to specific case studies focused mainly on interventions. Practice models of case management are discussed and applied to clients with special needs, including injection drug users, Mexican migrant farm workers, and African-American underserved populations.

Examples of the practice models discussed in this book include:

the Generalist social work practice model—emphasizing problem-solving at various system levels through the process of relationship building, data gathering, assessing, intervening, evaluating interventions, and terminating services the Broker model—focusing on activities which will increase the client’s linkage to services, then terminating the client-case manager relationship the Therapeutic or Clinical model—establishing a relationship with the case manager as a treatment provider with rapport and trust as a therapeutic intervention the Therapeutic Team Approach or Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)—utilizing multidisciplinary teams to provide a range of specialty services to clients with the intent to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and improve independent functioning in the community.

Well referenced, with dependable methodologies and sound conclusions, Practice Issues in HIV/AIDS Services is an essential text for case managers, health professionals, and educators and students of social work. Its emphasis on special populations, with new approaches to case management and techniques to strengthen present ones, makes this book an important addition to anyone’s reference collection.

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