Divyesh Thakar Solubility Enhancement of Poorly Water Soluble Drug By Nanosizing

Solubility Enhancement of Poorly Water Soluble Drug By Nanosizing

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Telmisartan is BCS class II anti hypertensive drug. t1/2 of Telmisartan is approximately 24 hours. So, it was proposed to design a nanosuspension for enhancement of solubility to get quick and rapid onset of drug action. It has been formulated in the form of redispersible powder because of patient compliance and convenience in oral administration. Hence the aim of present work was to develop a new Telmisartan nanosuspension formualation for quick onset of action which is required in hypertension condition. Nanosuspension was prepared by Media milling method by using different stabilizers. Study of effect of different concentration of different stabilizers and their combinations, different concentrations of media and at different time interval was done. Factorial design was applied and different batches were formulated and evaluated. Optimization was done from the factorial batches. Optimized formulation was found to be good stabilized with good in vitro drug release profile.

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Василий Виноградов, Ефим Мухин, Савелий Фролов

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П. Беннет, Д. Лоуренс, М. Браун

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