Herb Marlow High Lonesome

High Lonesome

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Once again Dr. Herb Marlow entertains us, this time with characters of the old west. In High Lonesome, we meet Trapper Stark, Clint Morgan, Ralph Giddings, Jerry Miller, Alan Kidd and Larry Hardwell. Each man with his own lonesome life is striving to or eventually successfully living a moral life. For some it seems to be more difficult, for others it comes naturally and is welcomed. One may win the heroine, while others leave, not with regrets but giving thought to how life might have been if he had remained. Which is the right way to go? For one man, settling down becomes the comfortable way but for others, what is over the next hill continues to beckon him on and on...... The six exciting stories in High Lonesome include Trapper's Wife, Buffalo Gap, Forty-Four Caliber Justice, Hawken 50, The Wolfer, and Gone at Midnight. Fans of western life of the 1800's will find this collection hard to put down. This is Herb Marlow's latest book for Bottom of the Hill Publishing. When Dr. Marlow isn't writing or caring for his small Texas ranch, he conducts a limited pastoral counseling practice through face-to-face encounters and a unique Internet-based, on-line counseling service.

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