The Love that Was...

The Love that Was...

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This book includes works by Soviet Estonian authors of all generations currently working successfully in the genre of the novella. Among those represented are such writers as Erni Krusten, Aadu Hint, and Paul Kuusberg, the elders of contemporary Soviet Estonian prose, who were instrumental in developing the novella, which served as the basis of Soviet Estonian short-story writing. Also included are writers of the so-called middle generation such as Einar Maasik or merited authoress of the republic Lilli Promet, whose skill and talent have made the novella one of the leading forms of Soviet Estonian prose. Finally, the young writers who have brought the specific quests and problems of youth to the short prose have not been neglected. Their short stories and novellas explore the charac­ter and spiritual world of the young person choosing his or her path in life. But no matter how varied the problems dealt with in these works, how divergent the artistic tastes and individual styles of their authors, the focal point is always the present.
The eighteen stories included here were written and published within the past two decades - the 1960sand 1970s. The settings are the city and the countryside, the Estonian mainland and islands, a fishing schooner, the famous song festival, apartments, automobiles, and parties. The characters are people of various professions and socio-psychological make-ups. Their inner lives are explored and complex ethical, psychological and philosophical problems are discussed, high standards are set in keeping with the intense renewal of literary traditions taking place at present.

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